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ost people recognize the value of an online platform. When you have one, you can reach more people with your message, products, or hard-won expertise. You multiply both your influence and your income. Everybody wins.

The problem is that building an online following can feel daunting. I talk to people all the time who want the personal and professional benefits a platform offers. It’s just that they either struggle to get started or gain momentum.

You want to build an online following, but where should you start? My free Platform Assessment will help you figure that out in as little as five minutes. Best of all, it’s free. But it’s only available for a short while longer.Click Here to Get Started

The world of blogs, podcasts, social media, and online products can feel so overwhelming and mystifying. Everything feels important, essential, and urgent. Logo? Design? Slogan? What about lead magnets, email service providers, and all the endless plugins and widgets?
Where do you begin? And once you’ve started how do you get traction and grow?
The answer starts with discovering the few simple things that are most important at your stage right now. To do that, I encourage you to take my free Platform Assessment.
It’s just ten questions and takes only five minutes. At the end, I’ll provide a short video assessing your specific platform challenge—and I’ll give you suggestions for what to do next.
Take my Platform Assessment and you’ll discover:

  • How to find your starting point on the journey to making a difference!
  • Clear steps to move from where you are to a greater level of influence.
  • Specific instruction on the tools and strategies that will benefit you in your current stage of growth.
  • How to make more income and impact more people.

There’s no reason to feel lost in a sea of competing priorities. Take the Platform Assessment and find your direction in no time!
No more feeling overwhelmed, stalled out, or stuck. With this assessment, you can point yourself in the right direction right away.

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